How many years! And it seems like yesterday…

This iconic restaurant has been a place for people to meet and celebrate since 1982. The teamwork and the personal attentions of José María make it a gastronomic benchmark for the people of Segovia, as well as for visitors from all continents, including renowned figures from politics, culture, science and the media, both from Spain and abroad.

The establishment, located right in the historical quarter of Segovia, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reinvents Castilian style within a decor that, along with its cuisine, tries to combine traditional atmosphere with a clearly creative and modern touch.

The prestige of the house is upheld, day in day out, through the dedication of José María and, as manageress, that of his daughter Rocío Ruiz, in addition to an extensive staff of professionals who offer customers a tailor-made experience. Currently, the “José María” restaurant boasts a team of more than 90 workers who cover all areas: kitchen, dining room, bar, cleaning, maintenance and administration.

With facilities that are constantly being renovated, the restaurant has eight dining rooms – unique spaces as they like to call them – a reception bar, two individual kitchens, stoves, cold storage rooms and four roasting ovens.

These days both critics and gourmets consider the restaurant to be a classic of Segovian cuisine, one that both upholds and yet also innovates Segovia’s treasured gastronomic/touristic wealth.