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Celebrate!, it’s quite an art …

With the quality, service and uniqueness that characterize us, over the years we have developed a catering service that has been particularly enhanced by the selection of the product and its transformation in the kitchen, and in the close and professional treatment of the dining room’s personalised service.

Our great team of professionals offers you the best catering service for the celebration of weddings or any types of event, paying close attention to your needs and making it unique and tailor-made.

We work with different estates in Segovia such as:

  • Finca Las Margas.
  • Hoyuelos Palace.
  • Caserío de Lobones

We provide crockery, glassware, cutlery, tablecloths … personalised and unique for our events as well as all the necessary means to get the best results.

And of course, raw materials of the highest quality – a key principle in the José María restaurant, always demanding the very best and taking care of each and every detail before, during and after the event that will make that day an unrepeatable experience.

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