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Oustanding icons of Segovian cuisine

We’d like to sit around a table with you, share the flavours of our land and have a good time…

Our signature dish

Our suckling pig with a Guarantee of Quality

Our Cochinillo Viajero

– Traveling Suckling Pig

The perfect way to enjoy our roast suckling pig, wherever you are 

Oustanding icons of Segovian cuisine

Our signature dish


Jose Maria Restaurant

Traditional Segovian cuisine with a touch of innovation

You will have the unique opportunity to taste traditional Segovian cuisine, as well as discover innovative dishes prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients that our land provides us.


Where special occasions have been celebrated and Segovians have been gathering since 1982.


The roast suckling pig is considered the signature dish of our menu, as well as an important part of Segovia’s cultural and culinary heritage…


Seasonal ingredients and quality
are the pillars of our cuisine…

Celebrate your special moments

Our professional ‘José María Eventos’ team is ready to help you celebrate your special occasions, providing the quality and high level of service that define us.

From our farm to your table

Our Cochinillo Viajero (Traveling Suckling Pig) with its ‘Cochinillo de Segovia’ guarantee of quality will be delivered straight to your doorstep from our Agrocorte Gourmet farm.

Celebre sus mejores momentos

Nuestro equipo profesional de José María Eventos ofrece sus servicios para sus celebraciones especiales con la calidad y servicio que nos caracte­riza.

De nuestra granja a su mesa

Nuestro Cochinillo Viajero con D. Marca de Garantía ‘Cochinillo de Segovia’, llegará a su casa procedente de nuestra granja Agrocorte Gourmet.

Our certificates

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